Band Bio

Alternative rock born in Greece and raised in California

The founding members of We Govern We, Anna Karakalos (vocalist, songwriter) and Panos Scourtis (guitar), first met as members of the popular Greek rock band, Sigmatropic, having toured Europe and opened for artists like Moby, Sonic Youth and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.   

In 2010, after three years and one album with Sigmatropic, Anna and Panos decided to move to Los Angeles to start WGW.  The husband and wife duo recruited guitarist Alexis Cohen, bassist Adrian Burke and drummer John Boutin (formerly of Gwenmars) to solidify the band's percussion.

They immediately began recording WGW's album, Reznor's Orchid, produced by Daniel Ash (Bauhaus; Love & Rockets). The album dropped in 2011 to acclaim in the underground world of alt. rock.

The band's new EP, Zanó, dropped on January 21st, 2017, is something very special for the quintet. It featured the award winning music video for "Mulligan's Island".  You can stream it right here. 

Reznor's Orchid

"Reznor’s Orchid is not so much a debut album as a carefully crafted music box, giving insights into the band’s multiple influences and a balanced mix of the band’s many facets," says Panos.

"From the radio-friendly riff of 'Come Atlantis,' to the mystical power of Edgar Allan Poe-inspired 'Annabel Lee,' and the teasing cover of Tears for Fears’ 'Shout,' the band have created a showpiece of immediate allure and enduring power." 

The band name is the result of breaking out on their own and being in control of their destiny - thus ‘we’ ‘govern’ ‘we’ was a natural extension of the band  

Reznor’s Orchid is not so much a debut album as a carefully crafted music box
— Panos Scourtis, WGW